AC is the key instrument to the team. With her acrobatic skills, her body whistles through the air in a sweet melody without missing a note. AC Jazz roars like the sound of a trumpet preaching the blues with a jive stride. Her body toots in sync with the hamony of her teammates in the Nitro Orchestra.

Syncopating her rhythm and making the sound of sweet music, every stroke goes platinum. AC's bubbly character flies high on cloud nine, only to continue soaring with success with the rest of the band. Play it again AC!

The "Blue-eyed Georgia Peach" is a former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader and current onwer of Excel Cheer & Dance Inc. And AC enterprises. Responsible for the choreography of the Nitro Girls weekly shaking, rattling and rolling, she began her career in 1991 after being selected to travel with the International Cheerleading staff. With the company's growing succes, her services were called upon to choreograph and direct the opening ceremony for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Fans can catch a glimpse of the bodacious blonde bombshell in the action adventure video series "Swimsuit Angels," or in her upcoming project where she produces a scene in the movie "Oblivious" set for release in 2000. Amy's creative in put has several as a key instrument for the team's succes, so men, don't be afraid to come to the arena sporting pom pons and root for the all-American girl. Give me an A-C!