AC Jazz's Facts And Favorites

Real Name-Amy Crawford



Eye Color-Blue

Hair Color-Blonde

Birthday-April 1st


Hobbies-Watersports,Rollerblading,& Snow Skiing

Other Jobs Held-Former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader

Personal Motto-"Follow Your Dreams, No Dream Is Impossible,"

What Most People Don't Know About Me Is-"How Much I Love To Eat And How Funny I Am

AC Does The Choreography For The Nitro Girls along With Spice. She Also Finds The Costumes That The Nitro Girls Wear.

AC Owns Her Own Dance Studio Excel Cheer And Dance

Little Known Fact-AC Was On Of The Last Nitro Girls Picked

AC Choreography The Opening And Closeing Ceremony's For The 1996 Olympics In Atlanta

AC Is In A Video Series Called "Swimsuit Angels"

AC Produces A Scene In The Movie "Oblivious," Set For Release In 2000

I've Lived In These Cities-Douglasville,Ga And Marietta,Ga

I've Attended These Schools-Douglas County High School And Jack State Alabama

If I Could Cast A Popular Actress To Play Me, It Would Be-Goldie Hawn

I'm Better At This Than Anyone-Keeping People Motivated, Haveing A Postive Attitude And Always Making Others Laugh

I Find These Qualites Attractive In A Man-Someone Who Can Admit How They Really Feel And Someone Who Has Spunk And Drive

Food-Houstons Steak



Music-Soul And Country

Musical Artisit-Whitney Houston

TV Show-"Touched By An Angel"

Movie-Forrest Gump

Actor-George Clooney

Actress-Goldie Hawn

What Is Your Favorite Hotel Chain?Delamo(Miami)

What Is Your Favorite Card Or Board Game?Spades

What Is Your Favorite Disney Movie?Beauty And The Beast

Who Is Your Favorite Movie Or TV Character?Goldie Hawn

What Is Your Favortie Shoe Or Clothing?Many:Overalls, Bebe, Blue Jeans, Harley Boots, And Plain Cowboy Boots

Favortie Olympic Sport?Figure Skateing(Partners)

What Is Your Favorite Candy Bar?Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

What Is Your Favorite Fruit?Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If You Could Appear On The Cover Of Any Magazine Which Would It Be?People

What Do You Think Is The Greatest Sports Moment Of All Time?Olympian Kerri Strug Winning Despite An Injured Ankle

If You Won The Lottery, What Would Be Your First Purchase?Pay Off Everything And Buy Anything I Wanted

Assuming All People Are Safe, If Your House Was On Fire, What Three Posessions Would You Want To Make Sure Were Saved?My Two Dogs,Pictures,And Jewerly

What Event In History Would You Most Like To Witness?When Man First Walked On The Moon

What Would You Like To Uninvent?Guns